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Nicola Freegard is a Creative Director, based in Tucson, Arizona

Working with national and local creative companies and institutions on business development, marketing strategies, and strategic event planning.


TRAC Media Services
Director Business Development

2022 – Current

TRAC is the nation’s leading public television research firm. It was founded in 1975, and serves public television professionals to best serve their local markets. TRAC provides research, consulting, and information sharing to help PBS stations reach their goals. Conducting surveys, and tracking audience ratings and metrics, combined with analysis, TRAC offers a variety of products to help mentor professional development for stations, managers, programmers, and producers to optimize strategies for streaming and linear television.

Event Producer

2017 – Current

PTPA provides mentoring, networking, and information-sharing opportunities and special events virtually or in person, specifically for national public television programmers and the programming community. PTPA promotes programming contributions to public television, and we recognize and reward excellence within the profession. Using the resources of the professional community to provide a programming perspective to policymakers, national agencies, and producers. PTPA provides help to local public television stations by supporting the careers of public television programming professionals alongside resources that enrich, inspire, and educate.

Marketing Manager


Festival Napa Valley is a celebration of music’s power to enrich and inspire by presenting internationally recognized talent, alongside inspiring educational programs for youth and seniors in one of the worlds most beautiful and iconic locations, the Napa Valley. Combined with tuition-free summer academies for emerging professional musicians this festival provides a thriving, engaged community that brings the arts to all.

Special Events Producer


The Tucson Preservation Foundation presents Tucson Modernism Week, a week long festival celebrating Tucson’s mid-century signature architecture and design, dedicated to the preservation and conservation of endangered historic properties and monuments throughout Southern Arizona. Tucson Modernism Week is an innovative, community based project that connects Tucsonan’s to the importance of the mid-century movement and it’s impact on today’s desert city. Through multiple exhibitions, lectures, special events, a historic home tour, vintage trailer show and an expo, TMW is a celebration of this landmark era of Tucson history.

Known as Tucson’s premiere market district, it creates opportunities for makers and artists to sell wares within a combination of housing, shopping, restaurants, markets, and beautiful architecture. Hosting seasonal markets such as the Holiday and Spring Bazaars, the Mercado district produces special events designed to provide a world-class destination, alongside gourmet foods, coffee, drinks, and local shopping.



Creativity is a skill that is developed. It begins with a foundation of knowledge, learning a discipline, and mastering new ways of thinking.

Originating from London, England, and a US Citizen for over 30 years, Nicola has worked with jazz legends, poet laureates, film directors, producers, publishers, musicians, designers, and artists, in a variety of roles in television and film production, music supervision, innovative product design, to business and artist management, event production and business development.

With the ability to develop ideas into real time projects, work in locations across the globe, Nicola uses her project management, business management, and creative skills to provide innovative solutions and collaborations that create positive outcomes.





In the late 1990’s through 2009 Nicola Freegard joined forces with partners Jeff & Robin Janson of Urban Evolutions to collaborate, design, and produce a series of bags and accessories fashioned from recycled billboards and soda bottles. Over ten years, 1000 tons of vinyl billboards were recycled into 2nd generation products and sold to over 2,000 mom & pop stores across the U.S., Japan, and Europe, as well as producing products as premiums for special events such as film festivals, corporate gifts, and premiums for companies recycling their own billboards.

Est. 2009

Assisting a variety of music performers, creative companies and institutions through design, photography, marketing strategies, fundraising, licensing and business development services.

Clients include: Howe Gelb, Victoria Williams, Sergio Mendoza, Brian Lopez, Sylvie Simmons, Modern Works Music Publishing and more.


Motion Picture & Television Projects

  • Music Coordinator

  • Music Supervisor

  • Music Coordinator

  • Music Coordinator

  • Music Coordinator

  • Music Supervisor

  • Music Supervisor

  • Music Coordinator

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