• Treasure under a desert sun.

    March 20th, 2019 The creative process of developing ideas into projects has always been the most exciting part of some of the best adventures I’ve had the opportunity to take part in. This latest ‘passion’ project started 4 years ago in a parking lot of the Shriner Temple in Tucson, where I found a journal […]

  • It’s been busy!   Look for updates coming shortly.   Thank you!  

  • It’s all about the Shedquarters.

    This week it’s come to light that a lot of friends are posting articles to my facebook feed extolling the virtues of Shedquarters for the home based business. Apparently I’m ahead of this trend, since I moved into my own converted garden shed over a year ago. With the sudden popularity and interest in shedquarters, […]

  • It’s a….peep!

      insy winsy and mama coffee Happy Chinese New Year!  We have our first baby chick born, and we have given her a baby  name (we hope it’s a ‘she’) “Insy Winsy”…She is the tiniest weeniest little chick imaginable, probably no bigger than my thumb.  Already covered in a soft coat of black down she peeping […]

  • Brooding peeps.

      The Cottonwood.  Marana, AZ While February freezes much of America with it’s tempest fist pounding , providing snow drifts that bury houses and highways that are sheets of ice along the East Coast, Tucson remains one of the most pleasant places to spend the winter.  It’s a balmy 75 degrees most days, and a few […]

  • Shifting Sand.

    2015 begins right now.  Sitting in a clean reorganized studio, along with my dream list of projects to begin, and just a few on my list to finish up, I am ready! The refresh button has been hit and I had time over the holidays to shake off the cobwebs, do some maintenance and lay […]

  • The Blue Heron

    I’ve been continuing my daily sojourn striding around the greenery of Tucson’s biggest urban park each morning.  This time of year is stunning and unlike the rest of the country, it’s beautiful weather at a balmy 73 degrees.    I call my routine a three mile meditation, because it helps me focus for the day and […]

  • Birth of a box

    Over the last few weeks  I’ve moved my studio to beyond the beauty of the rammed earth structure it’s been housed in for the last four years.   Now the studio is  located down a curving brick and cobble pathway at the end of my garden,  just a 30 step walk away from home and placed […]

  • Smart Art?

      “I just want to do the creative work” is really a key sentence to awaken by.  If you find yourself saying this, then please think again.  I think you might have just got in the way of your creative success.   The process of learning the disciplines of business is the process of the creative […]

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