With only a few days before we head down to Mexico to enjoy thanksgiving without a turkey (otherwise known as our annual family pilgrimage to save a turkey) I am dusting down swimsuits and suitcases and getting ready to hit the sizzling white sand beaches along the Sea of Cortez.  With my new Canon T3i loaded – I’m excited to try this new camera out and get some well needed r&r in. Planning to spend much time in front of a book (yet to be chosen), a beach and enjoying those margaritas that somehow give you the most undeniable pleasure.  Keep posted for a swath of pictures over December.

Meanwhile, we are readying for the arrival of some sweet recycled  messenger bags for Susan G Komen’s Southern Arizona office as giveaways for the Ride For the Cure efforts they do at the annual Tour de Tucson – an amazing bike race that brings worldwide competition and fills every corner of this valley.   I’ll post pictures on their arrival.    These bags are a great way to recycle their banners and turn them into products that they can use in premium events.   Check out the bags under the billboard bags header here to see what we do and how we do it.


– Nicola

Meet me at Maynards…

Getting ready for Diaz de los Muertos here in Tucson this weekend.   Its a festival that is so vibrant in its stunning display of dead love and adoration for those we’ve lost.   And in preparation, I’m pulling my inventory of products from the last year and taking stock out and loading up the car to fill a window in Maynards Market.

The restaurant and market is run by Richard and Shana Oseran (of Hotel Congress) this has to be one of my top favorite restaurants in Tucson.  Focusing on local and organic foods and flavors, its very special.   While downtown expands and new flavors arrive, this one stands high above the rest.    If your in Tucson you really have to have one meal here (and one meal at the Hotel Congress).  The restaurant sits right on the platform of the Tucson Amtrak station and you can dine inside or out as the freight cars and caboose rumble by.   The menu includes tantalizing wines and the market is filled with local vendors (and gratefully, this includes my bags and accessories made from billboards).

Its the only location in the US that now carries my bags.  Since I morphed Vy&Elle to do only custom work to those companies wanting to recycle their billboards a few years ago, I can’t offer my products to the brick and mortar stores I used to, but I can send you to Maynards, for the one of the best food, wine and local specialized market experiences in the Tucson downtown area.  And you can leave with a unique bag that is nowhere else to be found.


Welcome to my studio and office.    Because, over the years I’ve found myself  doing a variety of different work, just one website for these projects is no longer enough.  Between recycling billboards into products, helping clients with there own careers as musicians or artists, and designing some unique commercial interiors for companies, it seems that I must finally accept the challenge I should have faced several years ago – sharing the work I get to do, which is more a gift than a job in so many ways.  I get to work with remarkable people who in turn give me remarkable (and always challenging) opportunities.    So here I go, jumping off the blog diving board into a world of sharing that which inspires, moments that touch and the difficulties I face along the way.    I will endeavor to make this interesting – that I promise.

– Nicola