Since 2008 I have been producing events and conferences for well seasoned business executives, creative companies and artists, I specialize in full production solutions and management.

Clients include:

Public Television Programmers Association:

Programmers and Station Relations from Public Television stations across the country come together in a number of cities throughout the year to network, meet and discuss industry events, changes and needs.  Business conferences and meetings help keep public television executives informed and evolving.


TRAC Media

TRAC has worked in public media since the 1970’s, providing objective and insightful audience analysis for public television stations with an ongoing study of Nielsen ratings, pledge data, online statistics, and qualitative insights from viewers keeps TRAC informed about media trends and new developments. TRAC’s knowledge and research help stations to increase their audiences & membership, improve community visibility and support, and provide better public service.  Development workshops are held to bring information and strategies to public television fundraisers and opportunities to share information.


Mercado San Agustin, Tucson, AZ.

Located just west of Downtown Tucson, Mercado San Agustin is a unique retail environment creating community and small business opportunities.   The mission of the MSA is to support local business entrepreneurs with a focus on local foods and artisan made goods.  Partnerships with like minded organizations like the Community Food Bank and MicroBusiness Advancement Center help further this goal.   Twice yearly we produce anevent to celebrate Tucson’s local talents and diverse offerings through Holiday Bazaar (held the weekend before Christmas) and Spring Bazaar (held the first weekend of May).   Here we invite 70 artists, makers, small businesses and creators to share their talents in a 3 day marketplace focused on promoting Tucson’s.  Held in a european style courtyard, combined with local gourmet foods, this  event has become a popular destination with locals and visitors alike and offers fun for all the family.


One-off events:

Miles ELC

Howe Gelb

Giant Sand

Fundraising for arts in public education of elementary schools, events include independent movie screenings, concerts, carnivals and rummage sales, product sales and distribution.

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phone: 520 307 6983