Nicola Freegard Studio LLC was founded in 2009. Established as a creative projects company, it produces special events, executive conferences and meetings, production management and provides creative direction.

  • Producer of special events and project management. 
  • Design services – print advertising/album covers/book covers/website design/logo design/book  design/photography.
  • Business services – contract & artist management, consulting and creative direction.
  • Crowd sourcing and creative funding – sponsorships, advertising sales and placement.
  • Artist Management

Clients include:

ORGANIZATIONS/(type of work):

TRAC Media Services – (Director of Events)

Public Television Programmers Association/PBS (Director of Events)

Tucson Modernism Week (Development & Sponsorships)

Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation (Sponsorships/Events & Membership)

Hanson FilmTV Institute (Website Development)

Mercado District (Special Events Planner)

Modern Works Music Publishing (Creative Director)


Andrew CollbergHowe GelbVictoria Williams

Giant Sand & Giant Giant SandGabriel Sullivan/Chicha Dust .

Naim Amor . Rainer Ptaceck . Run Boy Run

Sergio Mendoza Y La OrkestaTom Walbank

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