Compound Management was founded in 2009 as a collaboration with artist Howe Gelb and Nicola Freegard. The company was founded as a platform to offer an ensemble of creative management tools, professional assistance and business diversity to the various music projects for Howe Gelb and his prolific collection of collaborating artists and music projects.

In 2013, the company diversified it’s offerings,  developing the studio name and umbrella company – BoxFiftyFour – a creative studio offering the following services:

– Branding development, strategy.

– Special events and project management. 

– Graphic design services – print advertising/album covers/book covers/website design/logo design/book  design/photography.

– Social media service – postings/maintenance for companies, artists and events.

– Business services – licensing, coordination, consultation, creative direction and business planning.

– Crowd sourcing – financial creative project programs  services.

Clients include:


3 Story Magazine

Mercado San Agustin

Modern Works Music Publishing

Napa Valley College

Public Television Programming Association

Tucson Modernism Week/Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation

TRAC Media


Andrew CollbergHowe GelbVictoria Williams

Giant Sand & Giant Giant SandGabriel Sullivan/Chicha Dust .

Naim Amor . Rainer Ptaceck . Run Boy Run

Sergio Mendoza Y La OrkestaTom Walbank

For more information or to set up a meeting, please contact me at:

PO Box 54

Tucson AZ 85702  USA

Ph: 520 307 6983

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