A pathway to curious fearlessness. Happy 2013!

We’re taking down the lights, recycling the tree and noticing how tight our clothes have gotten since the eating holidays began (which you have to admit start at Hallows Eve).     Another year flashed by and here, in my very clean and reorganized office, I’m ready for 2013.   It’s been a hell of a year.  OneContinue reading “A pathway to curious fearlessness. Happy 2013!”

Hollywood to Halloween..

So you might have been sent to this website after typing in vyandelle.com – So much has changed since the first creaks of the recession but things change (always for the better), one being vyandelle itself.   You can read more about this by clicking on the Billboard Bags tab page above. Beyond and onward –Continue reading “Hollywood to Halloween..”


Resolutions for 2012, all the usual suspects and the effort to update this blog more than once a month! Intentions are good, let’s just stick at that for now.    Warming up after another holiday – It seems 2011 offered me gentle moments of time down while billboards were recycled, bags were produced (all in theContinue reading “Resolution…”

It was wonderful.  Did I already tell you…San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place for Thanksgiving.  You give thanks youre there and you can eat anything but turkey (and if you are a hardcore turkey eater the resorts offer it anyway).   We ate fresh sea food, swam with dolphins and watched the wavesContinue reading