VY&ELLE UPDATE:  (as of September 2012) After a decade as the premiere producer of some of the most innovative consumer products on the market made from recycled billboards, Vy&Elle are no longer producing the line of billboard bag products we’ve been able to offer since 2002.

It’s been an absolute pleasure doing this work and we successfully recycled over 800 tons of billboard through the life of this project, sold to over 2000 stores and companies,  working with amazing clients, partners and manufacturers, to whom we are truly grateful.  We appreciate all the support, love and concern for the environment each and every company has had in recycling their billboards, and to our customers who have proudly worn their Vy&Elle bags to a shred (you know who you are!) we can’t thank you enough for a wonderful experience.

We hope that we can continue to provide innovative creative solutions for all sorts of industrial waste over the the coming years and will keep you posted of new innovative premium products that we create.

With the many calls and inquiries we receive from you, we greatly appreciate your interest and are very happy to refer you to suitable manufacturers that can assist to help you recycle your boards into bags for projects and special events.

Nicola Freegard & Jeff & Robin Janson

creators of Vy&Elle

to contact us directly for referrals:

(520) 307 6983

8 thoughts on “BILLBOARD BAGS

  1. really sad to hear this, I was hoping to find some more of your great bags. Guess you wouldn’t happen to know of any remaining suppliers in Australia? Adelaide hopefully?

  2. Hello— just picked up one of your bags at a consignment store in St. Paul…..thought how cool and unique….little did I know, that is also a “limited edition”!

  3. I bought a wallet of yours back in 2005 during my first year of college at the Modern Museum of Art in Chicago. I love it and use it for everything! It is still going strong, and has hardly worn at all!! I wanted to buy another wallet or bag made out of billboard material, and that’s how I came upon your site and this entry. I’m sad to see that this is ending! I hope that my wallet lasts for a long time yet 🙂

  4. I love, love, love my shopping bag!!! The beautiful fabric and design caught my eye and I had to make it mine. Please keep me informed of future ventures. Thanks for your creative imagination that is making an impact in our world in more than one way.

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