Resolutions for 2012, all the usual suspects and the effort to update this blog more than once a month!

Intentions are good, let’s just stick at that for now.    Warming up after another holiday – It seems 2011 offered me gentle moments of time down while billboards were recycled, bags were produced (all in the USA this past year), and the reissue series for Howe Gelb and Giant Sand was born (from our dear friends at Fire Records in the UK).

Finishing up coordinating the reissue series of over 30+ records has been a satisfying process.   Seeing a great series of music and CD’s be reborn has been an incredible experience and rumors of a new Giant Sand album coming forth in 2012 are becoming more substantiated.    So while the musicians get creative, and Jim Blackwood, the Giant Sand archivist savant is busy with the final masters, I start work on the 25th Anniversary book layout of photographs Patti Keating and I spent the last year digitizing, recapping some magical moments during Giant Sand’s ever changing lifespan, all of which I’ve been fortunate to witness since Howe and I met back in late 1980’s when we worked together on “Bill & Ted” where I hired him as a music teacher to show Keanu Reeves how to look as close to a real musician as he was back then.    If my memory serves me well, those were fun times.  But that’s another blog for another time.

I’m excited by this book project, it’s a collection of all our snapshots, some professional, mostly not, many contributions from his friends around the world and its quite an undertaking and learning experience.  It’s taken a year to just scan and digitize and understand, and it will probably be a few months to get this layout complete.   I hope to have it ready to go to press later this year for independent release through his website.

With this project, as with all projects, and in true entrepreneurial spirit, I have also been cleaning up my resume for new ventures, dusting down my vision for the next year and what it is I want to accomplish.  Its still a little fuzzy but I’ll get back to you on that.  I had some real help this year from a dear friend – Marion Chubon –  life/business coach – who remains invaluable to helping me overcome my own walls and keep climbing the hill.      This economy has been hard on all of us in one way or another, and I have grown from it greatly, feeling that 2012 brings the change and beginning of a new chapter for those of us who live by the element of risk, and take us on a enlightened journey to better living –whatever that may be.  The journey of all entrepreneurs is rocky at the best of times, highs and lows, circles and roundabouts –  unlike that of what I love to refer to as a “real job”.   I’ve enjoyed the process of understanding more and sharing with Marion – one of the many gifts I received in 2011 was her insights and help.    So ends a year in gratitude for all the great projects I was privileged to work on  and begins a new year in awe of the possibilities it holds.

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