It was wonderful.  Did I already tell you…San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place for Thanksgiving.  You give thanks youre there and you can eat anything but turkey (and if you are a hardcore turkey eater the resorts offer it anyway).   We ate fresh sea food, swam with dolphins and watched the waves crash on golden sand beaches with miles of empty vistas holding our endless margaritas.  Everyone needs a holiday and the tan makes you feel for a moment, healthy – that is until it fades quickly back into winter cracked skin.   A week of rest and relaxation and I arrived back at the studio in 1st gear, struggling to get into 2nd!

But I’m back, and have been busy finishing off the details for bags that are heading to A&E as well as preparing for a solar bag project I’ve been discussing with a friend for the past year.  Looks like 2012 may be the year of living lit up – walking around with bags that charge your gadgets, ipads, netbooks and smartphones.  Secretly I’ll unplug mine when we go to San Jose del Cabo next time – but I guarantee my sister will be thrilled that she can lay on the beach and be plugged in all at the same time.

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